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Sephora by OPI I’m So Sari


Being Indian, the Indian Summer Collection by Sephora by OPI (what a mouthful that all was, SARI) really, really appealed to me. This one, especially: I’m So Sari. If you’ve seen my wedding pictures or know my favorite color: TEAL (by the way, have way too many of these now. EEKS), you know I was going to get this unique one. It looks a lot like OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise except it has cute, little iridescent glitters spread out looking much like a sari! It actually looked A LOT like my wedding dress!

Yep, *SIGH* what a gorgeous dress it is! :) Let’s get to the gorgeous polish, now! I’m So Sari is a beautiful metallic teal with iridescent glitters (very tiny but sweet) spread about. The formula was excellent! It did a great job at coverage in 1 coat, and I used a 2nd coat for opacity. Not bad considering OPI Austin-tatious takes about 4 coats and looks just about the same. So, I would pick this one (even though it’s a little spendy compared to OPI) because this one is just pretty and easier to apply! Also, I used two coats of base coat, and I noticed NO staining! Hallelujiah! Austin-tatious really stains me, and I really love it, so this is definitely my new go-to! Yippee! The brush is extremely wide, and I had to be careful applying since my nails are narrow. But, let’s go ahead and look at this stunning beauty!

I’m so glad I bought this beauty! Such a stunner!!

And, I’m So Sari for making you want to open your wallet and buy this baby! ;)

Author: Taneja's Bride

I'm a 30-something year old wife and mother. Most days, I am obsessing over makeup. Seriously, go ahead and ask the hubs. I love, love, love colors and it is something I really enjoy. I am an author (currently writing/on hiatus with my 2nd book) and here's how my love affair with makeup really started: When I was a couple months old, my Mom used to put black kohl on my eyes to ward off evil. I guess you can say I was born with the love for makeup? I really didn't trouble my Mom when it came to wearing makeup to school, and she definitely was really excited when I asked! So, I still remember, I started off with some mascara and eyeliner. I told her and I still remember my words, "I don't think I'll ever wear lipstick - it smells funny!" "Um, boy were you wrong," says my massive lipstick collection. I absolutely love colors, and I firmly believe that colors are for EVERYONE, no matter what age! So, here I am - I can't wait to share ALL my makeup and nail polish and other miscellaneous things with YOU! I've also written a novel - a philosophy, a romance, entertainment - and I'd love to share with you all about it. Check out my page here for further details. Or, you can directly go the Amazon site and support me! :) Paint the town red! Be BOLD! Make a statement! Be YOU! Don't be afraid of colors!

10 thoughts on “Sephora by OPI I’m So Sari

  1. Your dress is gorgeous and you look so pretty! I love teals, also.. I just bought a bunch last month and I didn’t even mean to. I’m So Sari looks really gorgeous!


  2. Man! Beautiful! I want to go buy this now! Lol


  3. that dress is beyond gorgeous! the detail is amazing and the colors omg~~ this polish is so poretty!


  4. OMG I wish I was Indian :) You and the dress are perfect!! So so gorgeous <3


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