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Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics – Magenta Lipstick

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I’m a big fan of lipsticks, and I have a drawer full of different magnificent colors, but there’s NO color like Magenta! I *LOVE* wearing this pop of  color on my lips. It’s fancy without even trying! Giella makes a custom blend of different cosmetics, and I was excited to try her lipstick. The packaging was chic. The lipstick was a little hard to apply as it did not glide on like other lipsticks I’ve used, but I really, really LOVED the results. This fuchsia/magenta really showed up on my lips in comparison to other fuchsia/magenta colors from other brands I’ve tried. Even after eating and drinking while wearing it, you could still see the “stain” on my lips, and that was definitely AWESOME, as I didn’t have to keep on applying it over and over. I would definitely recommend Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics! I can’t wait to try other cosmetics by Giella!

Where can you get Giella? You can check it out HERE!

* Product sample provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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I'm a 30-something year old wife and mother. Most days, I am obsessing over makeup. Seriously, go ahead and ask the hubs. I love, love, love colors and it is something I really enjoy. I am an author (currently writing/on hiatus with my 2nd book) and here's how my love affair with makeup really started: When I was a couple months old, my Mom used to put black kohl on my eyes to ward off evil. I guess you can say I was born with the love for makeup? I really didn't trouble my Mom when it came to wearing makeup to school, and she definitely was really excited when I asked! So, I still remember, I started off with some mascara and eyeliner. I told her and I still remember my words, "I don't think I'll ever wear lipstick - it smells funny!" "Um, boy were you wrong," says my massive lipstick collection. I absolutely love colors, and I firmly believe that colors are for EVERYONE, no matter what age! So, here I am - I can't wait to share ALL my makeup and nail polish and other miscellaneous things with YOU! I've also written a novel - a philosophy, a romance, entertainment - and I'd love to share with you all about it. Check out my page here for further details. Or, you can directly go the Amazon site and support me! :) Paint the town red! Be BOLD! Make a statement! Be YOU! Don't be afraid of colors!

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