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Zoya PixieDust Magical Pixie Summer 2014 Collection Press Release

Woot! I’m SO glad that Zoya made a Summer collection of Magical Pixies because I love the chunky, glittery goodness!!

There are 3 colors, just like the Spring 2014 Magical Pixies. See swatches of those HERE.

zoya magical pixie summer press release 1


Those colors are Arlo, Ginni (there’s a secret, LOVE connection to this one because of the name (it’s my husband’s nickname – a very popular Punjabi nickname pronounced like Guinea, which means gold!), and Bar.

These are absolutely stunning! I thought the Spring collection was stellar, but this is just as gorgeous, if not more.

zoya magical pixie summer 2014 press release 2




They are already available to pre-order on the Zoya Website and will begin shipping in May.

I cannot wait to wear these, especially Ginni! ;)

Website: zoya.com
Facebook: Zoya Nail Polish

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