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Youngblood Perfect Pair Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Virtue Review

Youngblood is one of my favorite brands of makeup because the quality is perfection, and it caters well to my sensitive skin. When given the opportunity to try the Youngblood Perfect Pair Mineral Eyeshadow Duos, I decided to go with Virtue because there’s nothing better than a white matte and a burgundy shimmer! This one is so beautiful!


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Rock the Holidays with Hallmark and the Merry Rockin’ Christmas Snoopy

Christmas is OFFICIALLY 1 month away! My 4 year old son is UBER excited! We decided to go to Hallmark to pick up the Merry Rockin’ Christmas Snoopy since my little JUST saw The Peanuts Movie and has become enamored with the adorable Snoopy!

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HASK Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Hair Care Collection & Drawstring Canvas Bag Review

Are you looking to create Hair Envy in others? Well… you’re in the right place because… Hair Envy Starts Here with the HASK Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Hair Care Collection. Since we’re talking about hair, let’s discuss MY hair type, so you can understand this product. My hair is fine, a little more than medium length, and curly/wavy, which usually equals to frizzy, tangled, less than perfect hair. I have tried all sorts of keratin protein to replenish and smooth my hair all while keeping my curls, and by George, I think I’ve found it!


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