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Kat Von D Bow & Arrow Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review

Returning this July is Kat Von D Bow & Arrow! This warm neutral liquid lipstick is really quite flattering. I usually don’t like shades like this unless I’m wearing a very bold and bright eye and/or a bold blush because then it keeps the look from being too over the top. I am really looking forward to the new liquid lipsticks coming out in July for Kat Von D because she has some pretty fun colors!!


Let’s take a look at Kat Von D Bow & Arrow. I’m not sure if the shade will be identical to this one (this is the discontinued one) but I hear it should be, so if you’re looking for swatches of this returning shade, then you’re in luck!


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L.A. Girl Dreamy, Fleur, and Bazaar Matte Pigment Gloss Swatches and Review


You may remember not too long ago, I swatched and reviewed L.A. Girl Rebel and Backstage Matte Pigment Glosses. I liked them so much, I decided to grab 3 more, so I purchased Dreamy, Fleur, and Bazaar. I’m SO glad I did because these liquid lipsticks are pretty stellar compared to their “higher end” counterparts. Let’s dive right into these!


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Glisten & Glow Ctrl + Alt + Del Latex Barrier and Sangria White Peach Cuticle Oil Review



I’m not really the nail art fanatic. I usually just admire from afar, but in the case that I want to try some (in my case, messy) nail art, there’s such thing as latex barrier that you can apply, do your nail art, and then rub off the latex barrier to display the nail art without it all over your cuticles. You can also use it to “exfoliate” around your cuticles.

Glisten & Glow has created Ctrl + Alt + Del for just this purpose, and she is also selling it as a duo with Sangria White Peach cuticle oil, so you can keep your cuticles AND your nails look glam and chic (and smelling GOOD).


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